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Director of various forces into the rent apartment in high-end supply is still the market blank

Date: 2019-08-01

Rent the apartment and rapid development in recent years, various forces into the bureau, the differentiation of flat products on the market, the product positioning, price is different.G and rui new gravity rental housing team investigation nearly hundreds of large and small apartment, found in 5000-8000 yuan/month rent apartment products is less, and compared with other types of apartment, guest group of obvious differences.

There are high-end apartment supply is less, the market blank

At present, mainly young people, white-collar apartment rental market, followed by the recent hot blue-collar apartment and positioning high-end serviced apartments, and the rent prices in 5-8000 yuan of high-end apartment products is relatively small, the market is blank.

In Shanghai, for example, the major rental platform, according to data from the 57% of rental housing rental prices below 5000 yuan/month, more than 26% of the housing rental fee is 8000 yuan/month, 5000-8000 yuan/month housing accounted for only 17%.