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The 'The Fast and the Furious' achievement of the hotel marketing 'myth.

Date: 2021-06-22

See speed 9 about speed 8, speed 8 hotel staged a new Internet marketing race.

Street racing, breathtaking drift... Front high - energy warning, more crazy more explosive audio-visual feast to attack. As of June 21, "Fast & Furious 9" had grossed 1.39 billion yuan, ranking in the top 10 of the weekend box office, according to statistics. The same hot is the Fast and Furious 8 Hotel, this time, the Fast and Furious Hotel again to continue the story, a new network marketing race.

Drived by the Internet of Everything, the way the hotel industry operates has changed dramatically, moving from traditional single-threaded push to contextualized experiences and interactive marketing. Holiday traffic with super IP, naturally became the focus of the hotel marketing planning, especially the online marketing this grasp "to the death", "marketing calendar" a person, the hotel began to use the "eighteen martial arts" for publicity and promotion. In line with the marketing spirit of "not afraid of hardship, not afraid of fatigue, not to give up, not to retreat", some brands even make festivals with the trend, constantly exposure to consolidate the position in the hearts of consumers.

Leverage marketing is a hot spot?

The way of "marketing every festival" is called the marketing with the opportunity. What on earth is the swing marketing? Some people will say, it is not a hot spot. In fact, it is not so simple. With the hidden purpose of sales, marketing integrates the publicity and promotion of products into the environment that consumers like. In marketing, leverage marketing is called "secondary association", that is, the brand establishes association with the "happy environment" and indirectly conveys information to make consumers associate with the brand, which requires the brand to have strong sensitivity and insight. Thus it can be seen that leverage marketing is to stand on the shoulders of giants.

In the hotel industry, the major brands how to take advantage of the marketing? Burning love summer, can be busy bad marketing people, five one long vacation, bloom youth five four youth day, and romantic 520 and 521, Dragon Boat Festival, are included in the hotel marketing itinerary. For example, there are brands taking advantage of the opportunity to launch "tea feel good time", online a number of theme rooms to add points for romance; Hand in hand five films, a hotel brand to jointly create "enjoy romantic May" membership activities, launched with the activity label discount room type, with "preferential" moving; During the May 4th Youth Day, some brands opened a new way of hotel check-in by cooperating with other brands -- limited colored egg room, to meet the needs of the current "entertainment first" young consumer group;

Food is another carrier of hotel marketing. It is understood that by "five five shopping festival" held an opportunity, the hotel to carry out "gourmet eating" activities, the state banquet master private room dishes to enjoy a special benefit of 66 percent off attention; During the "foodie festival" in 2021, the hotel will select the local specialties of many cities, such as Beijing fried bean sauce noodles, Chengdu Dan Dan noodles, Wuhan hot and dry noodles, duck blood vermicelli soup, Yunnan characteristic chicken pine mushroom... By capturing the stomach of consumers, retain the "heart" of consumers, and the hotel even specially invited foreign chefs to the store, from raw materials to cooking to restore the most authentic taste.

To sum up, the marketing of many hotel brands is still in the 1.0 stage, low price, characteristic room, enjoy delicious food as the main keywords, complete sets of activities, consumer participation and effect is not as good as expected. Fast 8 Hotel breaks the inherent thinking of the hotel industry, creating topics and innovative models, and walks out of a classic road of the marketing.